Transforming Heartache into H.O.P.E.

It’s time to release the stigmas surrounding mental health care in your community. It’s time to embrace H.O.P.E.

Are you looking for a way to help your congregation?

Mental health is often seen as a taboo topic, but it’s time to break the silence. Together, we can raise awareness about mental health and erase the stigma. Contact us today to discuss partnership opportunities!

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Mental Health: It's Time to Talk

Mental health is not talked about in the black church. It is either prayed about or treated as a demon that must be cast out. The transformational power of prayer
combined with adequate mental health
treatment has been missing from our communities for too long—and it is time to change that! 

Because mental health is not discussed sufficiently in the black church—at least not openly— people suffering from these issues are often left feeling isolated and alone while they struggle through them on their own. That’s why we’re committed to partnering with churches around the country that are dedicated to making it easier for members of their congregations and communities to get the help they need without feeling outcast, separated, or ashamed.


According to the Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health, mental health distress disproportionately affects black adults in the United States. Black adults are more likely than white adults to report persistent symptoms of emotional distress, such as sadness, hopelessness, and feelings of despair as if everything they face is an uphill battle. Worse, mental health distress significantly affects black adults living below the poverty line; they are more than twice as likely to report severe psychological distress than those with more financial security.

Despite these staggering statistics, mental health remains one of the most taboo subjects in the black community – especially within the church – translating to only 1 in 3 Black adults who need mental health care taking action to receive it.

There is hope. Tarrent-Arthur Henry, a Christian author, pastor, and mental health responder, seeks to change the mental health landscape in black churches and communities

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H. O. P. E.: Helping One Church at a Time

Using the H.O.P.E. model, Henry is committed to creating an open dialogue about mental health that helps to turn the tide and erase the stigma that is quietly affecting so many silent sufferers in our communities. Henry knows all it takes is one voice to make a difference. It starts with you. Your hope can cultivate change in your home, in your church, and in your community.

What does H.O.P.E. stand for? 

H.O.P.E. is the unique model that Tarrent-Arthur Henry uses in black
churches and communities to create an open dialogue to change how we
talk about, look at, and treat mental health. 

H: Help. The H in the H.O.P.E. model focuses on helping to raise
awareness about mental health in the black community and getting those
suffering the help they need.

O: Offer Support. The O in the H.O.P.E. model focuses on offering support and understanding to those suffering from mental health issues. Recovering from mental health problems cannot be done alone; the proper support and understanding can make all the difference in healing and renewal.

P: Provide Education. The P in the H.O.P.E. model focuses on providing education for clergy, pastors, and parishioners to better identify and address mental health issues within their congregations and beyond. 

E: Encourage. The E in the H.O.P.E. model focuses on encouraging the community to view prayer and professional help as partners in the mental health landscape. 

If you are ready to bring H.O.P.E. to your congregation and community, contact Tarrent-Arthur Henry today!

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Your Compass to a Fulfilling Life

The book's engaging writing style, coupled with actionable insights, makes it a valuable companion on the path to mental wellness. Whether you are navigating personal growth, facing challenges with resilience, or delving into spiritual well-being, this book provides the tools and guidance you need.

Digging Deep, Finding Gold

This is a really great little work about making the most of life, all the time. And how that can also intersect with your creativity and business worlds. My biggest takeaway from this book was that there is a window of opportunity to be found in every situation, and it's your choice to look and go through it.

An Invitation to Deepen Faith

Transforming Heartache Into H.O.P.E.

Transforming Heartache Into H.O.P.E.

Tarrent 'Authur' Henry takes on a topic that has long been taboo, mental illness in the Black community. He approaches the problem in a simple clear, easy to understand manner. He even takes time to discuss the necessity of both prayer and traditional treatment.

An Invitation to Deepen Faith

Get the Power to Change Lives Today!

Henry’s treatise stands out in the crowded genre of self-help due to its comprehensive approach. Rather than focusing on just one aspect of wellness, he dives deep into all facets, presenting a cohesive paradigm that pushes the reader to strive for a life that’s not just about existing but about thriving.

"This book is a self-reflective, must-read book for all Christians. It challenges us to take inventory of our relationship with God and humble ourselves and listen when He speaks to us. Excellent!!"
- Dr. Ben Pennington

Let's Make a Difference Together!

It’s time for a change. It’s time to inspire H.O.P.E. in your community. Partnering the hope of God with the H.O.P.E. of proper care, we can erase the stigma around mental health treatment, provide awareness and education on how to identify and deal with mental health, and offer support in your community.

“Helping one person may not change the world, but it can change the world for one person.”

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